Online Now Thorsten Daum Germany the One Loft Race specialist

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Online Now Thorsten Daum Germany the One Loft Race specialist

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Out of the blind spot - Thorsten Daum 

Even though we see many repots on one loft races, not much is written about the background on the participants and their preparation. Many think that being successful in one loft racing is a pure lottery all based on sheer luck, especially the spectators not participating in these events. Still there are the few who manage to be successful constantly, how lucky must they be then? It is surely no mob flying, being in a good position on the line of flight, and rest assured, even the biggest races won´t be dominated by single names. How often have we seen participant trying mob flying in these events, but most of the time just being beaten in the final by single entrees, making it a fair challenge. Our German sport friends have adopted one loft racing as a sport in the sport, as it enables them to compete each other on the same stage.

Diamond Pair

Where in their own country the distances in between lofts is just too wide spread and they depend on regional championships. This is their way to find a place into the international spotlights, which they gladly take all over the world. No matter where you participate, you will find the black, yellow and red banner in the top 10 in the finals. Let me introduce you to one of the best, a true specialist on these events . FCI one loft racing champions  Thorsten and his son Finn Leon Daum from the central German town of Otzberg, near Frankfurt.

1st Ace Hen Federation

Thorsten is one of the leading man in the game, top results in the famous South African million dollar race, wins, top 10 positions in Finals plus top 10 ace birds in Spain, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, you name it, Thorsten won them. Owning a great family suited for the specific circumstances in these events. As there is only a short period of time to prepare your youngsters to have influence on their success in a one loft race, there must be a master plan behind his successes.  Being the fanatic as he is at this one loft racing game, I only had to ask Thorsten for his philosophy, and his method of preparation, and his enthusiasm was struck. Let’s hear what the master unveils.

1st Final One Loft Race Bulgaria

My youngsters will be put on the floor of the breeding loft at 2-3 weeks old, they will be in direct contact with other loft mates, by then all will be vaccinated against paramyxo already. They will remain in the breeding loft for another 1 - 2 weeks after they will move to the young bird section. This in order to learn to adjust to new living conditions, getting used to eating and drinking with the older youngsters. From there they will be send to the one loft races, just before transport being treated with a neck drop against lice. 

1st Final One Loft Race Grand Prix Portugal 2010

I think my birds have the right character and will, that is why I race, and expect them to win, the same family in both one loft races as well as in the normal German program races on my own loft. In general there is a difference for one loft races and program racers. I have selected my own birds and carefully watch how my family performs on other lofts for many years now. It is very important to own good all-round birds, that was the criteria on which I based my own family of racers, keeping the birds central, not so much the system. For the German race program you need top results on 150 - 650 km for 13 consecutive weeks, and at one loft racing its 500/600 km for youngsters, which is my challenge to excel in both. Youngsters have to develop fast, being able to be competitive, a top bird and optimal taking care of your birds is a requirement.

3rd Ace Yearling Cocks Federation

I won´t let my birds out, or put them on the roof, before sending them to a one loft race. The way I just described I have had best experience with. From my point of view it´s better to send them a bit older than too young. I just let them develop in an ordinary fashion, no pulling or cutting of primary feathers, which to me are just small tools where all focus should be on sending in quality birds. I have always focused on top birds only, and have my best experience with that. Diamond Pair, Balkan King, Ultimate Lady, Finny Winny, Wilde 13, Ninja, Sexy Lady, are the foundation to my success. Great success from specialism and keeping your focus on what counts.

Champion Breeders Racers

Keep in mind, Thorsten has been a top fanciers for decades. Just to give you an idea, FCI worldchampion one loft racing 2009/2010, 1st National ace bird 1998 and an Olympiad ace bird in 1993, that’s no coincidence, no luck. Keep your eye out for this master of one loft racing, expect him where he belongs, on top of his game.

Sjaak Buwalda

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