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A P Overwater

A P Overwater 200AOut of the blind spot - AP Overwater
Who doesn’t remember the names of the far gone past when talking about extreme long distance racing? In my youth I grew up with the names Van der Wegen, Jan Aarden, Van Wanroy, Braakhuis, household names from the pigeon magazines in the seventies and eighties. Where normal children where reading comics, I had my nose deep in pigeon magazines and books, my only interest was pigeons, foremost long distance pigeons. In those days national wins where celebrated like football championships. Being on the cover the national magazine was a state of art.

 In the ´90 the move upwards new names appeared on the horizon when extreme long distance racing had its glory days in the low lands. One of those new names stood out for me, and I followed his performance closely.
Afternoon liberations and morning liberations, there was no difference in results, unknown for that time. And I remember a rigid system of having late bred, to be trained all winter being prepared for Bordeaux just being a few month old. My type of racing, that got my attention.

A P Overwater

A P Overwater

Today he is recognizes as one of the last strain makers, still competing at the highest level amongst the strongest lofts in international racing with the same birds as 20 years ago, isn’t that something special? Let me take you to Strijen, nowadays owning a horse riding school with his spouse. Behind the dike, stables and pastures full of horses, a grand view, with to the right the realm of marathon king AP Overwater. Many times his so called diesels of the Oudendijk where praised in magazines all over the world. Modern Jan Aarden’s or pure bred AP Overwater, you name them as you will.


Racing Lofts of A P Overwater

The base was formed with only three birds from, one from Peter van den Eijnde, De Oude Muller and foremost of them all the iconic De Dure, or the expensive one, bred in 1992. A dark chequer white flight like we know from the way we want to see Jan Aarden’s don’t we? He lived to become way over 20 years old, the tough ones, and his genes still winning nationals today, responsible for offspring winning eight times 1st national or 1st international in just 4 generations. His successor and son Nieuwe Dure already responsible for offspring winning in 2 generations, 4th Nat. Pau, 8th Int. Barcelona, 35th Nat. Bordeaux, 39th Nat. Perpignan 45th Nat. Cahors, etc.

The Night Lady. 1st National Agen

The Night Lady

1st National Agen 3,599 birds

When I first met AP Overwater, I think it was some eight or nine years ago. After years of great success with his by then pure bred successful family of racers, a bit in a struggle to find the best of crossing material for another leap in time. The new inbringings just weren’t what he expected, and with quality being fluid, he was on the brink of taking out all those paper dragons. That was the best choise he could make, because far over a decade he rules the marathon as one of the best. Since he went back to basics, trusting on his own die hard selected family, it took no time as to bring him back to the spotlights where the name Overwater belongs.

Topper x Topper winner of 1st National Agen

1st National Agen 3,737 birds

Direct child of The Night Lady

The Overwater system modernized. Starting the season on total widowhood, and when the international races show on the calendar, the switch toward modern natural racing is made, with the exception of the yearlings remaining on total widowhood. The birds remained the same, well almost the same. On one hand keeping his old lines pure, on the other crossing the inbreds with, amongst others the bloodlines of the double national winner and Dutch phenomenon Paarsborst from Ko van Dommelen gave AP Overwaters racing team an extra boos up the ladder of success. This year I was really happy to see the old strain, pure bred, is still up there with the best.

De Nieuwe Dure. Winner of 8th Internat Barcelona

De Nieuwe Dure sire & grandsire to

4th Nat. Pau 2013
5th Nat. Perpignan 2014
8th Int. Barcelona 2014
8th Nat. Barcelona 2014
35th Nat. Bordeaux 2011
39th Nat. Perpignan 2014
44th Nat. Perpignan 2015
45th Nat. Cahors 2013
70th Nat. Marseille 2012

Top performance in 2017 on the highest level was with his De Verassing 061 winning 3rd international Narbonne against 10,421 birds. She is a cross from a son of the famed Super As when mated to an inbred to the Dees of Frederik Lelieart, responsible for 1st Nat. Narbonne and 1st Nat. Bordeaux, so probably no lucky shot there. What to say about the Barcelona Turbo, pure bred AP Overwater from a son of Superas x daughter Ferrari, crowned as 2nd Int. ace bird Barcelona 2015/2016/2017 winning 57th 101st 118th national in these years.

De Turbo Barcelona. Winner of 8th Nat Barcelona

De Turbo Barcelona.

8th National Barcelona 5,422 birds
8th International Barcelona 20,669 birds

Success not just at his own lofts, uncountable number of people being proved with the best from the ever so succesfull Overwater family, just to give you a hinge. In 2017 on other lofts winning 1st Nat. Bergerac national section, 1st Cahors national section and 1st Agen national section with either full blood Overwater or at least carrying half of these unique bloodlines. AP Overwater is fanatic as he has ever been, with such a strong family of modern day marathonistas, you may expect to read about his top performances for years to come.

Sjaak Buwalda