Loft Reports

Herman & Dennis Beverdam

Beverdam Son 200Herman & Dennis Beverdam (Netherlands) 2018 has been another fantastic racing season for Herman & Dennis. In fact it has proved to be their best ever for both old and young bird racing as shown in the many Championship titles they have earned this year. The amount of birds competing at the start of the season in their Provincial was 25,903 Old Birds & 22,463 Young Birds. Herman & Dennis were
2nd Provincial Championship Speed against 2,000 members.
1st Championship Speed points with old bird (sprint)
1st Championship Middle Distance old bird races up to 450km
1st Championship Young Bird races up to 360km
Auction Starts 17th October - Ends 27th October

 Beverdam Son 800

The Racing season: starting from April untill 15 September 2018 with the last National NPO Youngbird race from Melun (496 km). That race also ended in fireworks for Herman & Dennis Beverdam and finishing another great season!! Herman & Dennis have a candidate for becoming the next top National Young Ace Pigeon organised by WHZB/TBOTB.With a score of average 967 (out of a maximum of 1000 points over 4 races) NL18-5157138 “DOMINATOR”. “DOMINATOR” should be one of the best racers of The Netherlands if the National Committee sticks to the rules they changed during the season, allowing a deduction of the lesser race-result of 5 flown races. “DOMINATOR” already crowned to ACE PIGEON FEDERATION!! The federation starting with 2,693 young birds from 89 members in a 10 km radius.


Most recent biggest victory 2018: of this outstanding season will be the:

1st, 2nd, 4th and 9th of the first 10 prizes National NPO Youngbird (Noord) race from Nanteuil le Haudouin France (442 km)!! Our fastest young bird “TERMINATOR” clocked in the Norhern part had an average speed of 1230 meters per minute, fighting against a northeastern wind and 2.540 other liberated birds, beating “X-TERMINATOR” a loft mate who won the 2nd National NPO position of that race!!

NPO 2nd Sept


Province No. 9: the Section consists of an competing area, devided in a North and South part: “Noord & Zuid” with a depth of nearly 100 km measured from the most shortest distance and the most longest distance. The Province also has one of highest number of highly motivated fanciers (nearly 2000 members) in The Netherlands.

Because of the lower race distance the fanciers of the South part will profit from a shorter distance for the birds to be flown, every week!!

For example: after a season of long-distance racing “on the day” with old birds the birds of the North part have to fly up to 600 km more during a season than birds of the South part!! That 600 km is equal to an extra one day long-distance race!


Both the high level of fanciers and high quantity of competing birds makes section No. 9 one of the toughest Provinces to race in The Netherlands.

As for the numbers of competing birds at the start of the season 2018 in Province/Section No. 9:

Old birds: 25.903! & young birds: 22.463!

Provincial Championship: Herman & Dennis win 2nd Provincial Championship Speed 2018!

After 20 races in the section No.9 Herman & Dennis finish 2nd. Provincial Speed Championship No.9 about 2000 members !

The Championship Speed points are won with old bird sprint- and middle distance races up to 450 km and young bird races up to 360 km’s.

In 2016 “TROYAN” NL14-1588245 became the 4th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance WHZB/TBOTB and Herman & Dennis won the 1st Provincial Championship Middle Distance with nearly 17.000 birds at the start!

Here a look at our results of 2018:

  • 1st Prize District 1 (Combine) Tilburg   136 km   10.064 birds   1,2,4,5,9,10,15,28,29,40,46,84,95,100 etc. (153/71).
  • 1st Prize District 1 CC3 (Fed)  Tilburg   136 km     3.383 birds   1,2,3,4,6,7,12,17,18,19,20,40,48,52,58,69,73,75,77,80,84,96,98,112 etc. (153/79).
  • 1st Prize District 1 (Combine)  Bierges 221 km     5.291 birds   1,4,27,31,48,51,72,76,83,84,87,113 etc. (118/52).
  • 1st Prize District 1 CC3 (Fed)   Bierges 221 km     1.577 birds   1,3,7,8,10,11,14,17,21,22,23,30,31,36,40,44,45,46,47,52,54,55,63,67,77,80,91,96,99,104 (118/57)
    3rd Prize District 1 (Combine)  Laon      360 km     3.889 birds   3,14,15,17,23,55,90,91,94,96,120 etc. (107/36).
  • 1st Prize District 1 CC3 (Fed)   Laon      360 km     1.203 birds   1,2,3,4,5,9,15,16,17,18,21,22,32,37,39,42,47,51,62,63,71,95,99,103 etc. (107/41).
  • 1st Prize District 1 (Combine)  Nanteuil 442 km    1.671 birds    1,2,4,8,12,1317,23,24,30,31,32,42,59,60,64,72,78,81,85,130 etc. (105/44).
  • 1st Prize District 1 (Combine)  Melun     496 km    1.072 birds    1,4,10,12,23,33,35,36,39,41,67,80,82,83,94,100,101 etc. (91/43).

The dazzling results with youngbird racing (18 x top 10 National NPO “Teletekst” positions) made headlines all over. In 2018 Herman & Dennis scored another 5 top 10 NPO positions!! With 4 x 1st prize NPO positions over the past 3 years.


National NPO Racing Results 2018:

  • 7 th National NPO                         7,36,38,54,70,142 etc. (107/34).


NPO 19th Aug

  • 1st, 2nd, 4th, 9th National NPO

                         1st NPO “TERMINATOR”, 2nd NPO “X-TERMINATOR” & 4th NPO “VALKYRIE” 


NPO 2nd Sept


  • 6 th National NPO                            6,15,26,30,52,74,77,78,82,84,121 etc. (91/39).              

NPO 16th Sept


Racing teams:

Our old bird racing teams consist of pigeons which are bred from “DIRECT” bloodlines of the most desirable and famous pedigrees of the best breeders of the Janssen Brothers Arendonk & Louis van Loon, Gaby Vandenabeele (soon Gaby will have a total auction), G. & C. Koopman, Gerard & Bas Verkerk and an unique collection of L.B.J. Geerinckx and Hok Jos Vercammen. Recent additions are from Olympic” bloodlines of: Gerard & Bas Verkerk: Bulldozer” & “Olympic Solange”, Willem de Bruijn “OLYMPIC HURRICANE”, Jan & Leanne van de Pasch “OLYMPIC RANOMI”, Cees & Maurice Everling “OLYMPIC SHARON & FROOME”.

Young bird racers: are all children from our breeding lofts from earlier mentioned bloodlines who are of the highest quality. The youngsters are rung in January and have been through darkening system when weening and in June the daylight hours are artificial been extended by lighting. During these steps the moulting of the most important wing flights will be slowed down and therefore the young birds will be able to perform at peak level, specially during the only 3 National NPO races in September.