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Jente Van den Driessche

Van Driessche 200Fantastic Jos Thone Collection
Jente is a highly successful fancier from Dworp a small town south of Brussels. He is passionate about the sport and his ambition is to become a professional pigeon fancier. In the early days he had pigeons from a local fancier which raced well but he felt he need something special if he was to achieve greater heights.
His idol is the great Jos Thone who needs no introduction and has won 4 x World Champion , 7 x 1st National,

2 x 1st International, 2 x National Champion KBDB, 12 x National Champion BDS and 13 x National Champion LCB.

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Jente visited Jos and was so impressed with the quality of the pigeons he thought these are just what I’m look for. Over the next few years Jente introduced the very best from Jos Thone’s top breeders and racers. These birds produced winners straight away right through to National level. Below are a small sample of what this family have achieved for Jente over the past few years.

Highlights 2018
1,2,7,13,16,19,32,34,36 Orleans 185 birds 390km
1,2,5,6,13,14,15,17,21,22,24 Blois 176 birds 440km
1,3,7,8,9,10,11,16,17,19,21,24,26,27,30 Toury 360km
1,3,5,15,18,28,44,45,48 Noyon 193 birds 188km
1,3,16,24,25,29,35,39,40 228 Toury 228 birds
2,7,10,23,24,50,51,53,54,63 Noyon 441 birds 188km
2,3,5,8,18,19,23,24,27,31,34 Noyon 101 birds 188km
2,9,43,47,112,118,121,136 Semi-National 1.635 birds
2,3,5,8,9,11,15,22,25,32,38 Prov Orleans 422 birds
10,11,17,26,42,52,78,125 Prov Orleans 2,445 birds

Championships 2017
1st Provincial Ace YBs Large M/D KBDB.
15th National Ace YBs Small M/D KBDB Nat.
1st Prov. Ace M/D Large M/D Flemish Brabant
1st Argenton 1,714 birds from 503km.
1st Argenton 1,165 birds from 503km.
1st + 2nd Argenton 340 birds from 503km.
1st + 2nd Argenton 125 birds from 503km.
1st Chateauroux 128 birds from 475 km.
1st + 2nd + 3rd Blois 576 birds from 440km.
1st + 2nd + 3rd Blois 242 birds from 440km.
1st + 2nd Blois 138 birds from 440km.
1st Noyon 249 birds from 188km.
1st Noyon 324 birds from 188km.
1st + 2nd Quievrain 147 birds from 55km.

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