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Sjaak Buwalda NL

Sjaak 200.fwSjaak Buwalda NL Home of the Dutch Marathon Super Stars.
Deyean & Doutzen are the foundation breeders of the Buwalda family and are direct parents to the fantastic National racer Melinda winner of 
1st Nat Limoges 2,974 birds 833 km & 28th Nat Limoges 3,928 birds.

Melinda is now taking over Holland and is responsible for generations of top long distance National winners.

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Many top long distance Dutch fanciers are introducing the Buwalda blood into their lofts in order to compete in the extreme long distance races. The best example would probably be the partnership loft of Rekker- Westra who have benefited greatly from the introduction of the Melinda & Doutzen bloodlines. Below are some of the results achieved by other lofts with pure and crossed Buwalda birds.

Sjaak Buwalda Best Results 2018

St. Vincent 1143 km
 7th 17th 27th 35th 54th 67th 78th Prov. 566 birds
14th 35th 59th 72nd etc Nat. Sect. 970 birds 
Dax 1127 km
17th 23rd 33rd 41st Prov. 
30th 42nd 56th 67th Nat. Sect. 814 birds 
Perigueux 924 km
18th 25th 27th 33rd 69th 78th Prov. 820 yearlings 
Bergerac 964 km
25th 30th 31st 47th 62nd Prov. 477 yearlings 

Best results in 2018 won by other fanciers with the the Sjaak Buwalda family

1st Nat sect Perigueux granddaughter Melinda
3rd Nat. Sect Perigueux granddaughter Dasha (daughter Doutzen)
4th Nat. Sect Dax granddaughter Dasha
5th Nat. Sect Orange granddaughter Melinda
10th Nat. Sect St. Vincent granddaughter Melinda
12th Nat sect Limoges granddaughter Dasha
14th Nat. Sect St. Vincent grandson Melinda

Deyean Results

Doutzen Results

Melinda Results 3

Nov 2018 Sjaak Buwalda Page 1

Nov 2018 Sjaak Buwalda Page 2

Nov 2018 Sjaak Buwalda Page 3